Amanda Rivera

If you’re in legal trouble and need representation, I’m the attorney for you. My experience as a practicing lawyer gives me the expertise to analyze and solve your legal issues. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, divorce problems, or any other legal matter, I can help with careful negotiations and strategic thinking to get things done right.

I have extensive experience in family and corporate law and my expertise includes divorce issues, child support issues, and modifications of Child Custody Agreements. I can represent you or help you in completing paperwork and guide you through the process from beginning to completion. My goal is to provide a cost effective customized plan that achieves your specific goals, while achieving a successful result.

I am committed to providing the best advice and representation for my clients before the court. My primary enthusiasm lies in helping clients navigate the most challenging legal problems they may encounter from divorce to child custody issues. In addition to being an excellent lawyer who brings creative solutions to resolving your legal problems, I am also committed to making sure that my clients are well informed about their legal rights as well as understanding how their case will be handled by me. Let me help you find a solution that works for your situation.