Employee Handbook+ Contract Bundle




Whether you want Policies and SOPs, JDs, Training and Development Plans, Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct Policy, or require support for designing Forms/Templates, Organizational Structure, or People News Communication bundle.

All your requirements will be fulfilled while ensuring quality and 100% satisfaction. We have a team of professional lawyers with experience in all areas

  • HR Policy and SOPs (1-3 Pages)
  • Forms in word or excel (1-2 Pages)
  • Job Description/Role Profile (1-2 Pages)
  • Organizational Structure (In Excel, PowerPoint, or Visio)
  • Employee Handbook ( based on your needs word & Full design available)
  • Training & Development Plan
  • Employee Engagement
  • Health and wellbeing Program
  • Pandemic Management
  • Resume & cover letter
  • LinkedIn Profile


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