Clark harris

I am a lawyer who can help you solve your legal problems. I’m dedicated to providing you with sound legal advice that helps your business grow. Whether you need help drafting contracts, developing trust offers and transferring property, obtaining a copyright or trademark registration, or drafting wills, trusts and other important legal documents, I have the knowledge and experience to take care of your needs.

As a lawyer, I’m well-equipped with legal experience and problem-solving skills. My meticulous draftsmanship, detailed analysis and careful attention to detail will turn your problems into solutions. I am also adequately prepared to follow up on important issues and take action when necessary.

I also assist my clients by serving as a mediator when problems arise between them or their business partners or for example administration between parties in dispute.

I like to communicate with clients in natural language and ensure they understand their legal issues which makes me exceptional in my field as compared to other lawyers who just concentrate on these aspects.